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Ice - The Best Tool for a Speedy Recovery

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Pull a muscle? Stub your toe? Wrench your back? The solution sells for only $9.99

If you've got chronic pain - or pain from an injury; Ice is the Answer.

Applying ice helps to speed up the healing process by relieving soreness, aches, pain, inflammation & swelling from bruises, sprains, strains and chronic pain.

The question is... do you have a sturdy ice pack in your freezer?

While a bag of ice cubes or frozen peas can do the trick, they can be too cold, uncomfortable and restrict your movement - making ice an unappealing option.

Comfortable and flexible ice packs can make all the difference. Affordable at only $9.99 isn't it worth giving it a try?

Available on Amazon

Item pictured sells for only $9.99

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