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Filming in Los Angeles?


Whether you have a one day Photo Shoot, 

three days of Music Video production, 

a two week Commercial Film shoot, 

or a year-plus Feature Film; your clients,

talent and crew will appreciate and benefit from professional Chair Massage sessions provided by the accredited Massage Therapists at Ritual Massage Therapy.


We will travel to your studio, on site location 

and your post production suite to alleviate stress and injury and promote 

overall health and good vibes.

Working long hours with plenty of "hurry up & wait"?  Does your talent need some TLC?  Is your show wrapping for the season and it's time to celebrate everyone's hard work?


Long hours, stress, and injury are just a few of the side effects when working in the television industry.


Whatever your format or location, Chair Massage is a convenient and effective way to relieve tension and improve energy when the pressure is on, or

the wait time seems interminable.


Whether celebrating a job well done, or encouraging momentum, Ritual Massage Therapy can assist you and your team on any production. 

Endless Hours? Body Aches & Pain? Tension & Stiffness?


Sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours a day - or more, harnesses many harmful affects to the body and mind. Eye strain creates headaches, bad sitting posture leads to stiffness and pain, hand positioning & 

repetitive motion -- carpal tunnel syndrome, and inactivity for long hours can cause restlessness & low energy.


Regularly scheduled Chair Massage sessions can alleviate stress & headaches, boostenergy and prevent injury.


Ritual Massage Therapy can provide Massage Therapy sessions that will help keep the creative juices flowing, increase work production and show appreciation to staff and clients who may just need afew minutes to de-stress and unwind.


Don't let stagnancy delay your progress and deter your creativity. Ten minutes of Chair Massage can make eight hours of work a profitable choice for body, mind and wallet.


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