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The Ritual of Massage Therapy

Rit·u·al (noun) - Accepted or Habitual Practice. Part of an Established Routine.

The primary focus of ritual massage is to incorporate massage therapy as a ritual within our work & personal lives. We are conditioned to the conventional health measures of a yearly physical, bi-yearly dental cleaning, quarterly hair cut and our daily health regime.

These treatments prevent disease, and when ignored, persistent problems burden us with serious pain and severe costs. The same holds true when seeking to maintain a balance in our mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Massage treatments are a favorable and supportive reprieve for the body, the mind and the soul. The ritual of massage therapy is just as important as all the other health management rituals we engage in on a regular basis. 

Many people view massage as a luxury, but being pampered is just the icing on a yummy therapeutic cake. Research has shown that massage is effective in treating chronic health conditions that lead to billions of dollars in healthcare costs each year.

According to the Mayo Clinic on-going massage therapy sessions can: 

  • reduce back pain

  • migraines

  • fibromyalgia 

  • anxiety 

  • and improve symptoms of depression

At Ritual Massage Therapy, we strive to nourish your strength, energy and stability. In the workplace, we provide affordable massage wellness plans that allow each and every company within Los Angeles access to a cost-effective health benefit that can encourage and improve any office environment. 


In-home massage treatments tend to furnish a more personal experience and require a level of comfort and communication between client and provider. This relationship is paramount in achieving your desired results. We recognize the value of this exchange and will work with you to find and keep, the massage therapist that harmonizes with your on-going massage therapy needs.


Regularly scheduled massage treatments can be implemented as often as once a week or once a month. But just as we can not workout at the gym one time and expect to look like a bodybuilder, we can not receive one massage treatment and expect to get rid of years of tension or a lack in mobility caused by years of repetitive motion. Treatment takes time. Our bodies are always changing, as well as our activities. Massage Therapy on a regular basis - in the workplace and in the home - leads to greater improvement in the quality and versatility of a balanced healthy life. ​

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