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In- Home Massage

Our team of professional practitioners address each individuals' specific needs 

Table Massage Rates

Location Massage -1 Hour            $250
Location Massage -90 Minutes    $375
Location Massage -2 Hours          $500


Mobile Therapeutic Massage in Los Angeles

Gratuity not included in above rates.

Parking and travel fees may apply.

Late Fees apply to all sessions booked 10pm

and later.

Couples Massage -1 Hour            $500
Couples Massage -90 Minutes     $750
Couples Massage -2 Hrs             $1,000

Mobile Couples Massage in Los Angeles

Please note:

Your appointment is not confirmed 

until payment is received.

experience overall well-being

A program of preventative maintenance, massage treatments can ease chronic issues, alleviate stress and expedite recovery from surgery and injury. Benefit from increased flexibility, improved range of motion & enhanced mood  experience relaxation 

~ make Massage Therapy your weekly Ritual ~
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