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On-Site Chair Massage


  • stress

  • tension

  • pain

  • anxiety

  • irritability

  • headaches


  • creativity

  • performance

  • clarity

  • concentration

  • alertness

  • morale


  • Injury

  • health costs

  • absenteeism

  • staff turnover

  • workman's compensation

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Chair Massage Rates

Cover Cost

Pay per Session

Chair Massage Rate

$100 per hour / per massage therapist​

One hour of chair massage can accommodate a single individual - or up to 4-5 people each with a 10-12 minute session

2 hours of chair massage can accommodate 

8-10 people each with a 10-12 minute session

please note:

4 to 5 people can receive

10-12 minutes

of chair massage in One Hour

Individuals Pay Out-of Pocket

payment determined by length of session 

We will coordinate with you to be onsite for designated individuals to receive chair massage treatments.

Each recipient pays for their own session time  --  out-of-pocket, providing the benefits of massage therapy while eliminating the need for the company or a single individual to cover costs.

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