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Corporate/Office Chair Massage

Corporate Chair Massage.jpg

Massage at Work?  Why Yes, 

Here's Why:

Would you like your employees to improve their concentration, alertness, clarity, 

performance, creativity and productivity?


Would you like to lower your health costs, absenteeism, employee turnover and 

workman's compensation claims?

How about alleviating irritability, anger,

anxiety, tension and mopey employees 

around the office?

Ritual Massage Therapy offers Corporate Wellness Programs providing regularly 

scheduled on site chair massage treatments as often as once a week or bi-monthly, to once a month - and even quarterly, to celebrate Employee Appreciation.

Santa Monica, CA

Frequency of massage sessions is a preventative measure for stress, fatigue, injuries and an environment of restlessness. Ongoing massage treatments bolster positive energy and increase employee morale which will in turn, benefit the company's bottom line.

So why not choose a wellness program that promotes progress, provides health benefits and ensures happiness, for just a few minutes of your time?

If your company does not offer Workplace Massage but you think it should, 
Contact Us to get started with Ritual Workplace Wellness.
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