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Massage for Athletes

Sports Massage for Athletes
Los Angeles, CA

Improve Performance. Prevent Injury. Decrease Soreness.

Massage and exercise go hand in hand. Both professionals and amateurs alike can counterbalance the stress and strain of high activity with the benefits of massage treatments.

Ritual Massage Therapy provides on-location sports massage sessions, out in the field, inside the gym, in the privacy of your home or wherever your sporting event takes place.


When space or time is limited Chair Massage may be the better choice for on the spot treatment. When space is not an issue, table massage treatments can be preformed at your event, as well as in your home for ongoing treatments.

Sports massage therapy every week or two is a great addition to your athletic activity. ​​

When your body has taken a beating from exercise and activity our skilled, specially trained and certified sports massage therapists will work you back into balance.

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