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Office & Studio Massage Services

Endless Hours?  Body Aches & Pain?  Tension & Stiffness?

Sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours a day - or more, harnesses many harmful affects to the body and the mind. 


Eye strain creates headaches, bad sitting posture leads to stiffness and pain, hand positioning & repetitive motion causes carpal tunnel syndrome, and inactivity for long hours can cause  restlessness & low energy.

Massage for Computer Workers, 3D Artists
Santa Monica, CA

Regularly scheduled Chair Massage sessions can alleviate stress, prevent injury, boost morale and produce an environment oozing with positive energy.

Ritual Massage Therapy offers affordable Payment Options intended to transform your workplace into a productive and uplifting space. Implementing monthly massage treatments will promote and maintain the value and contributions of each and every individual.

So take matters into your own hands (back, neck etc.) and don't let stagnancy delay your progress and deter your creativity. Ten minutes of Chair Massage can make eight hours of work a profitable choice for body, mind and wallet.

If your company does not offer Workplace Massage but you think it should, 
Contact Us to get started with Ritual Workplace Wellness.

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