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Emotional Biochemistry - Our Bodies Respond to What We Feel...

We observe it on a daily basis: evidence our emotions cause a visible physiological reaction.


  • blushing with embarrassment

  • goose bumps when freezing

  • heart-racing from nervousness or excitement

But, we know little about how our emotions - (grief, anger, fear or joy) and mental states - (mindfulness, contemplativeness and relaxation) impact our biochemistry. We all know stress is bad for us... how surges of cortisol and adrenaline throw our bodies off balance -- and can make us feel depressed. But few of us have a clear sense of why that is so. -- The fact is, lack of knowledge does not mean lack of scientific evidence.

Scientific evidence shows biochemical reactions to mental and emotional stimuli – (your everyday thoughts and feelings) – occur not just in the brain, but also in virtually every system of your body. Scientific Studies have proven:

Emotionally charged experiences, memories and bodily sensations create a chemical reaction.

ex: sensation is activated when we are touched -- it moves, from that area of the body -- to the spine -- travels to the brain -- and becomes part of our conscious awareness. But, what biochemical reactions might our bodies sustain when:

Our desire for worthwhile longevity, depends on our current health and wellness rituals. We cannot afford to overlook the biochemical impacts that our emotional lives have on our physical existence. Consider the value and importance of these stress-reducing, life-enhancing activities:

The value of (what appears to be an indulgent) - massage, is a proven viable & preventative method to the high costs (pain, misery and financial strain) associated with treating a developing impetuousness disease. -- ∞ -- Do yourself a favor enrich your health ~ enjoy your life and

make massage therapy your weekly ritual read the article on Emotional Biochemistry here


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