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No Time to Take Care of Yourself? We have the Solution.

We all have various aches and pains but seems there is either not enough time or we simply forget to spend a few minutes every day to alleviate this pain, naturally.

We have a simple yet inexpensive solution to get you started on the path toward implementing Self Massage Rituals into your daily life.

Keep a Tennis Ball in your car for self massage on the go.

A tennis ball can be applied to various areas of the body to alleviate nagging aches and pulsing pains. Small enough to travel with by plane, train & automobile, simply place your trusty tennis ball between your seat and the area of pain - anywhere along your back, shoulders, hips and glutes - to release trapped energy and smooth out twisted muscle tissue.

The magic of massage will untangled tightened knots and smooth out mangled muscles, providing an elevated mood and smoother groove when you're on the move.

Apply pressure to areas of pain to relieve tension and reduce stress.


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