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What are these Knots? And Where did they Come from?

Our day to day lifestyle consists of repeating the same actions over and over and over again.

Holding patterns, using the same shoulder to carry your heavy bag or equipment, picking up your child repeatedly and hoisting them on your hip, sitting in from of a computer for 8 or more hours with hunched back, typing away. These movements are all a necessary part of day to day life.

Muscles are the power behind movement. But repetitive motion causes muscle fibers to rub together. This creates a friction that when not tended to causes muscle fibers to tangle up into a mangled mass of knotted pain.

Believe it or not, the fibers that make up muscle tissue are thinner than the fibers of a strand of hair.

If you have ever had a knot in your hair, or have tirelessly tried to work one out, you can relate to the actions occurring within our muscle fibers.

Just because we can't see our muscles, does not mean they don't deserve the same attention as the visual ailments that effect us.

Regular massage treatment can correct the strain of daily use and maintain our muscle structure and function, for optimal performance and a life time of reduced pain.

So do yourself a favor and eliminate your pains of today while preventing any potential problems in the future. Massage therapy can change your life.


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