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This Simple Meditation will Change your Outlook on Life

All meditation practices focus on using the brain - to ease brain activity. This can be a challenge, and ultimately a deterrent for those with an active mind.

Unlike traditional meditation, Open Heart Meditation™ is remarkably simple, yet effective. A heart-based practice centered on “feeling” rather than brain-oriented visualizations or breathing techniques.

The natural healing process of Open Heart Meditation™ has helped many people cope better emotionally. Following this 30 minute meditation penetrates our deepest internal levels, actively releasing past hurt, emotional pain, bitterness and the anger that we tend to hold on to. These negative emotions hold us back from experiencing our life's full potential.

This is not a serious practice that involves hard work. When done properly you will feel light, gentle, peaceful and free.

In addition, this practice is universal, nondenominational and encourages respect for all religious beliefs.

You can Download your own copy of Open Heart Meditation here for only $2.99

(Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.)


Peace, Love & Happiness

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