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Why Am I in So Much Pain?

These are your Muscles

These are your Muscles when you do not receive Massage
Any Questions?

Just as frozen chicken pieces remain stiff and impenetrable, muscles that endure constant aggravation, perpetual strain, - or hold any position consistently, get stuck or frozen together.

Our daily life tasks & routine activities require us to perform repetitive movements, and holding patterns (ex. shrugging/holding our shoulders to our ears, hunching our backs at the computer) that when not addressed, can cause pain and damage.

Holding patterns restrict movement and harden groups of muscles into one solid mass, while repetitive movements create friction developing into painful knots.

When muscle groups stick together, and muscle fibers get twisted into knots, they create a blockage or obstruction that prevents vital fluids from reaching the areas required to function properly. Over time these conditions limit our range of motion, prevent movement and impede flexibility.

Therapeutic massage treatments are specifically designed to smooth out & release twisted muscles, dissolve built up adhesions & tenderize obstructions & stiffness. Massage can undue the stress and damage our muscles experience on a daily basis.

So the next time you're wondering, "What's the deal with all this pain?" remember we need to set aside some time to thaw out and tenderize before we can tackle our next big masterpiece or adventure. Reduce pain and renew your spirit. The solution is just an appointment away.


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